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Oboya rv electric step

  • Min. Order:50 Piece(s)
  • Date of Delivery:7 days
  • Payment Type:T/T
  • Port:Qingdao port
Qingdao Ouboya Auto Parts Co. Ltd
Shandong, China
  • Response Time: < 24h
  • Response Rate: 100%
Main Products: Electric foot pedal
Model No.: 6 Place of Origin: China



Oboya rv electric step price

The product description

OBSX electric step is a down-spin one-stage electric step. This product is quite different from imported down-spin electric step in structure and function. After the step recovery, it is more compact and improves the vehicle passability. 2. Backspin electric footstep is suitable for the installation and use of model C rv. Due to the relatively high chassis of the vehicle, it is difficult for passengers to get on and off the vehicle. After installation, the height of the chassis of the vehicle can be effectively lowered by using the down-turning electric step, so that passengers can be divided into two steps to get on the bus, which is more convenient for passengers to get on and off the bus. The backspin electric step is mounted on the lower part of the chassis and is mounted in a hidden way. It does not affect the appearance of the body. When opening the door, the electric step automatically turns down and extends, when closing the door, the electric pedal automatically rises and retreats, hidden in the bottom of the car body. 3. The downspin electric step adopts positive aluminum as the pedal material, the product has the characteristics of light weight, high strength and easy installation; Advanced computer chip control step movement, completely controlled by the door (according to customer requirements using manual switch control), and reserved enable control lead, external buzzer end, indicator light lead and other intimate functions, more convenient to use, more safe; Equipped with a universal mounting bracket that can meet up to 85% of mounting requirements,

Product parameters

Rated voltage: 12VDC/24VDC

Rated current: 5A

Rated load: 150KG

Static current: ≤3mA

Rated size (retraction /mm) : 708×316×131

Effective width of step: 550mm/450mm

Extension distance: 194mm

Height of descent: 77mm

Product safety and performance

Rated load of downspin electric pedal is 150KG, please pay attention to avoid strong heavy impact and destructive trample during use, so as not to cause damage to the pedal, make it unable to work normally, affect the normal use of electric step.

Suitable for use

A variety of C rv, a variety of pickup rv, a variety of trailer trailer.

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