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Shandong obaiya rv electric pedal

  • Min. Order:50 Piece(s)
  • Date of Delivery:7 days
  • Payment Type:T/T
  • Port:Qingdao port
Qingdao Ouboya Auto Parts Co. Ltd
Shandong, China
  • Response Time: < 24h
  • Response Rate: 100%
Main Products: Electric foot pedal
Model No.: 2 Place of Origin: China


Product description:

OBS900A electric step after the European market under different working conditions of the cruel test, the product from research and development to mass production, through the modernization of the design, prototype production, reliability of the experiment, customer free experience trial until the final design lasted 12 months, creating a mature, reliable and stable products. The electric step has a longer service life and better reliability. The OBS series of electric stepper is a convenient product for passengers to get on and off the bus. This product fits under the front door, middle door or back door of the vehicle. The detection current reaches the threshold value and the motor is closed to realize the safety functions such as clamping collision prevention. OBS series step and other similar products on the market have obvious differences, this product has a unique closed movement slide track and drive device, to avoid the invasion of sand and dust, so that the transmission system is in good condition.

Through e the use of electric steps, effectively reduce the height of the vehicle steps, electric steps have a stylish appearance, soft lines, smooth way of movement, with the door open and close to achieve the extension and withdrawal of the steps.

Product parameters:

Step frame size 980mm-550mm-55mm,

Step extension width: 310mm. Voltage: L12V/24V (according to the voltage used by the vehicle)

Extension and recovery time: 2-3 seconds,

Current: 5~8A.

Safety load: 200kg.

Step table material: aluminum alloy material.

Frame material: surface electrophoresis anticorrosive treatment of Q235 steel.

Service life: 100,000 times of expansion.

Electrical connection: AMP waterproof 4-pin connector (IP65).

Drive motor: 12v-45w.

Safety and performance of electric step:

The aluminum alloy profile of the electric step adopts anti-skid treatment. The step is equipped with working indicator light and buzzer. So that the driver at any time to understand the working state of the electric step. After the vehicle is parked, open the door and if the electric step encounters an obstacle while extending, the automatic protection system of the electric step will control the step to return to the original position three times after touching the object. It protects itself from the electric footstep. After the electric step receives the new instruction signal, the original function is restored. OBS series step with manual return device, in the vehicle circuit, step drive and other devices abnormal step can not be normal recovery, can use the manual return device to recover the step to the original retract state, does not affect the normal running of the vehicle, the vehicle will be smooth to the repair shop or after-sales outlets for troubleshooting.


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